Know your God given gifts and use them

Know your God given gifts and use them
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Jesus, during one of His teachings, gave a parable about a certain man who went on a journey to be made king. But before he left, he called his ten servants and gave them each a gold coin. He told them, “engage in business until I come”. The man went and returned and at once summoned his servants. The first servant told his master that he had earned ten more gold coins with the one he was given. The second servant also had earned five gold coins. The master was very pleased with these two and gave them more properties to mange. The third servant however, said that he had hidden his own gold coin and therefore had not earned anything with it. He gave it back as he had received it. In anger, his master rebuked him and ordered for the gold coin to be taken away from him and he was thrown out.

What the Lord is making us to understand from this parable is that we are responsible for whatever gift He has placed within us, and whether or not we make good use of them, we will be accountable. The gold coins are symbols of the God given gifts we carry within us and we must be wise enough to know and understand them and use them effectively for the benefit of the kingdom of God. Enough said.


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