How to overcome self sabotage

How to overcome self sabotage
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I believe that all of us are familiar with negative self talk and have probably engaged in it at some point in our lives. When it becomes consistent, it can lead to self sabotage. Self sabotage is a self- destructive or damage behavior that literally obstructs our success. It can stop one from achieving their dreams and aspirations. The worst part is that we usually don’t recognize it and therefore cannot tell exactly what’s happening. Instead we attribute our lack of success to inadequacy and incapabilities. This in turn strengthens the negative messages we feed ourselves and eventually, we get caught up in a self-sabotaging cycle that can be very difficult to break.

It causes us to stand on our way thereby becoming our own obstacles. If you are in a position where you keep telling yourself that you cannot do it, you are incapable, you don’t deserve anything good or that you will fail even if you try, you are right in the middle of self-sabotage. Many of us tend to blame the devil, but before we do it, we must check ourselves first to ensure that we are not our own obstacle.

Self sabotage is an enemy of progress in the sense that it doesn’t allow us to do the things we want to do. It literally tears our lives and dreams apart thereby making it difficult for us to work towards accomplishing our goals. We may have the skills, abilities and desire, but still end up stuck. Allowing yourself to engage in negative self-talk shatters your self-confidence and self esteem. Because with every failed attempt, you “prove” to yourself that you surely are good for nothing. This brings nothing but discouragements, frustrations and anger towards yourself.

But the good news is that, no matter how far you’ve gone with it, or how deep rooted it is in your life, you can overcome it. Overcoming self sabotage begins by being aware of the kind of messages you feed your mind. It’s an internal battle and so can only be solved internally. The scriptures tell us to guard our hearts with all vigilance, for from them flows the springs of life, and to be careful how we think, for our lives are shaped by our thoughts. This means that our hearts and minds are the key determinants of how our lives would turn out. One of the ways of being vigilant in guarding our hearts is through reading and meditating the word of God. This helps us in the renewing of our minds which in turn leads to transformation. When we are transformed, our perspective towards life, ourselves and God begin to change. We become able and capable of conquering negative thoughts and being open minded on the difficulties and challenges we may face towards achieving our goals.


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