When God changes the course of your life

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Since the ancient days, God has always been in the business of changing the course of people’s lives. From Abraham, to Moses, Gideon, David, Ruth, Peter, Apostle Paul and many others even in our generation, their lives changed when God showed up and revealed Himself to them. For some, it was more of a ‘date with destiny’, but for others, it was purposeful, and God had to do what He had to do. The fact that God came into their lives and changed their course doesn’t mean that they were living meaningless lives. Far from it, in fact, some were wealthy businessmen, farmers, shepherds and fishermen, while others had great rewarding careers and were experts in their own fields. It simply means that God gave them a new purpose for their respective lives.

One of the things we need to understand is that, God does change the course of people’s lives and when He comes calling, our lives end up taking a totally different direction from the one we had anticipated. We may have our own dreams, expectations, set goals and well laid out plans on how to accomplish them, but this cannot prevent God from revealing His plans and purposes to us. Most of the time, He gives us a totally different assignment from what we were doing, and in some instances, everything we had labored for, falls apart. It comes crumbling right before our eyes which becomes a very unpleasant thing to us.

You’ll agree with me that for some of us, when we got saved, things got bad and as a result we were ridiculed, mocked, resisted and even rejected. In reality, before the eyes of men and women, it doesn’t make sense why God would call someone who seemed to do well in life and all of a sudden his or her life crumbles down. Yet, it does happen for God’s purposes to be fulfilled. Ruth’s husband, for example, had to die but God had bigger plans for her. If you are in such a situation, where you had to lose everything for the sake of Christ, it’s not abnormal.

God deals with all of us differently depending on the plans and purposes He has for us. Moreover, Jesus said;

Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it ~ Matthew 16:24 – 25.

Total surrender to God is the only way out. Running away from Him and His plans for us because we can’t let go is not the solution especially where God is involved. Some of us hold our lives so tight and act in a way to let God know that He can’t just come in and spoil everything for us. We love to protect our own image more than the image of God. We claim to love God, but deep within us, we know there are boundaries. What we don’t know is that when God comes calling, He always has a great plan. He knows that He will save others and show other people light through us. But when we fail to oblige and allow Him to use us for His own glory, we do it at the expense of other people’s lives. God does not give man something to benefit himself, but to serve Him and humanity. In most cases, He requires you to let go and let Him take ownership of your life.