I will not hurt anymore; I am better than this

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I will create the life I want and eliminate what and who I do not want in my life. I do not have to accept things as they are; I can change them for the better. There are decisions and choices I have to make. I will stop sabotaging myself. I will no longer hang on to my past. I release myself from negative emotions. I release myself from self-inflicted pain. I am developing a new way of thinking. I am developing a new me; letting go of old identities. I am freeing myself from labels placed there by others. I am freeing myself from attachments; I am moving beyond needing anyone’s approval.

I free myself from old negative ways of thinking. I am aware that I have a choice and can choose new things and ways in my life. I am free from repeating the past. I now focus on what I have, not on what I lack; whatever I focus on increases, good or bad. It’s time I stand my ground. It’s time to start over. I am going for a total change; total rebirth, total makeover. A metamorphosis, from a crawling caterpillar to a soaring butterfly.

Most of my life has been neglect and disapproval. So, I am going to recreate, reinvent, redesign my life story, because “I am better than this!!”

Each new day will be the best day of my life, starting TODAY!! Today is the first day for the rest of my life.! It’s my choice to either be as I have been, or start to be what I desire to be. I will create my own reality. In order to get over my past, I must deal with my present. What’s going on in me? What or who am I carrying around with me all day?

I am moving from where I am in life to where I want to be; this is accomplished in the mind. I walked away from myself, from my life many years ago and became the person others said I was; now, I am walking back into my life – but not as I was, but a new and better life. I am creating the life I was intended by God to live. It’s like being in prison all these years; now I am free; I am liberated, I am emancipated. I am completely set free from the self-image formed in my childhood. This is my choice!

I was born with this black cloud over my head and it has never left me, until now that is; I am coming from under this cloud NOW!!

I have to let go of my past so that I can enjoy my present and future. I deserve to live my best life NOW!! And I intend to do it, BECAUSE I AM BETTER THAN THIS!!

Author: Irma Green

Article source: Article Faith writers