The reality of life

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You wake up in the morning
Full of inspiration to face the day
Full of energy and expectations
With great assurance of success
But as the day unfolds
Things begin to happen….

All of a sudden
Tables begin to turn against you
And every element of your day
Begins to work against you
You try to push yourself
Wear a smile and hope for the best
But with each passing moment
Everything defies your order

You try to encourage yourself
But discouragements take the centre stage
You try to push yourself
But you find that you can’t make a step forward
And no matter how much you try
Moving forward becomes only a dream
That’s when you feel like you are losing control of your life
And sometimes​
The only thing you need to do
Is to cry
Even though your tears can’t solve anything

This is the reality of life…or so, I think!!!